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Thursday 28 August 2008

World Laughter Pledge

1pm GMT every Saturday

Remember how you feel after a good laugh?
Now imagine how the world would feel if we all laughed together!
So let’s do it! Every Saturday. Across the World! 1pm GMT!
Let’s change the World with laughter!

World Laughter Master, Belachew Girma (Ethiopia), world record holder for continuous laughter, and World Laugher, Robin Graham (UK), co-Founder of The Laughter Network, give you our word that every Saturday at 1pm GMT we will chuckle together and we will cross this world with laughter.

Laughter is a gift. We can laugh ourselves happier and we can laugh ourselves healthier. And it is free. It only needs us to make the choice.We can use our laughter to help us deal with stress: and although we can’t laugh away our problems, laughter gives us greater clarity, creativity and calmness to enable us to face up to them more effectively.

And laughter is the diplomacy pass key. With genuine laughter we can communicate more openly. Laughter can bring love and peace.

Starting on Saturday 30th August, we invite you to join us wherever you are, to have people laughing joyfully across the World. Join us for a few seconds or a few minutes as close to 1pm GMT as you can!

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